im here too

im so distressed

Lovino TwinkFairy Vargas: Lovino Elizabeth Vargas that was really cheesy and cute
evee ur skype name conflicts with this


*gives a sheepish smile* Well… a lot of things, actually. Some of them I can’t even remember anymore to be honest.

*finds that amusing, using his thumbs in slow circular motions as he gets closer to the base of her horns, his smile growing again with a small chuckle*

mm maybe you should try too-

[she leans into his hand, tail curling as she purs a bit louder closing her eyes]

tonto, after all this time you finally found them
[her tail wraps around and clings to him, her knees going a bit week]

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N- no.

She shakes her head desperately, falling away from the demon. Barely able to stand the thought of her father in a wretched state, there’s no time to think about that as she’s engulfed in another fit of coughs. }

Not a demon. N — never a demon.

"not a demon" 
either you’re stupid or a horrible racist

[ Steps down from where she was sitting and walks up to her looming over her ]

you’re such a prideful little brat, what are you afraid of? going to hell?
even if you were its not like heaven is an option for someone like you- 
give up


*straightens up, liking the sound of that; do you even have any pride Lovino*

I would! I-I mean it’s something I’ve wanted to do with you for awhile regardless but- well, y’know. *smiles again* *offers to wash her hair for her once they get a bit into the shower and such*

oh? what else have you always wanted to do with me?

[ allowed him to wash her hair purring as he gets closer to the base of her horns, her sensitivity and areas of pleasure a bit more sensitive in this body ]

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